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Environmental Impact

Val Wyatt and the environment

We are committed to a constant journey of improvement – evolving our business and implementing changes that lessen our environmental impact.

Because all rivers lead to the ocean, we have a responsibility to protect and enhance the biodiversity on land and in the Thames.

Our steps to sustainability

By creating a comprehensive environmental policy and caring for and preserving the ecosystems around us, we can ensure that we are a part of the solution, not the problem.


To prevent harmful waste from entering the Thames.


To keep our marina and our stretch of the river clean.


To limit landfill through our waste management system.


To take good care of our land and water environments.

You can read our environmental policy and the commitments we are making here (pdf)

Carbon neutral pledge

We’ve committed to the UK Government and UN-backed SME Climate Hub initiatives to cut our carbon emissions in half by 2030, and to reach net zero emissions by 2050. Our progress will be updated annually so you can see our development first-hand.

Our environmental policy



Waste management

We aim to recycle and reuse wherever possible, reducing the amount of materials and waste going to landfill. We use disposal stations for solid rubbish as well as paint, oil and chemical waste, and these are readily available to mooring holders.

Eco-friendly products

We strive to move away from products that are not environmentally friendly. Through extensive testing, we know the best biodegradable and non-toxic products for boats. We have also replaced antifoul paints with ultrasonic systems and use recycled plastic dock lines.

EV chargers and bike storage

As electric vehicles become more prevalent, we’ve installed EV chargers in our marina and are planning to expand our charging network as demand increases. We encourage the use of EV chargers amongst visitors and mooring holders.

Social events

We’ve already held community clean-up events working with locals, organisations and the wider community to encourage regular clean-ups along the River Thames. Join us on one of our upcoming community clean-up days!

You can read our full environmental policy and the commitments we are making here (pdf)

Our Partners

Key relationships

Working with our partners to ensure the best environmental practises and plans. British Marine, Green Blue, The Final Straw (Bronze accreditation), UN Climate Hub, Environment Agency.

British Marine

The Green Blue

SME Climate Hub

Environment Agency

Final Straw Foundation

Environmental Guides

Below you will find some easy-to-follow guides on how to be an eco-conscious boater. Produced by The Green Blue to promote responsible boating, they focus on how to maintain, equip and operate your boat in a planet-friendly manner.

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