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Our first year as owners of a Corsiva 650 Tender

Ole Petter Anfinsen and his partner ordered a new Corsiva 650 Tender named ‘Mrs Henderson’ from Val Wyatt in the summer of 2021 – before taking delivery of her the following year. We asked Ole Petter about the buying process and their first year on the water. 

Thanks for your time today, Ole Petter. Have you always been a boating enthusiast?

You’re very welcome. I grew up living by the coast in Norway, so the water and the sea have always been a huge part of my life, and whenever I’m away I always miss it. I previously had a boat in Norway and really enjoyed it.

I still travel between Norway and England regularly, but I now spend the majority of my time in Henley-on-Thames, just a short walk to the river. I was very excited to move to a town on the river, and to be back in close proximity to the water. Once we settled in to the area we quickly decided that we wanted a boat.

We found Val Wyatt Marine on Facebook, and thankfully the marina is just one lock from the town, so we decided to head down and explore the different options available to us.

The original plan was to buy a smaller boat, but once we started looking at slightly larger models, we were excited by the prospect of being able to entertain larger parties, so we opted for the Corsiva 650 Tender.

Were you happy with the service provided by Val Wyatt Marine?

Our sales contact through the entire process was James Clifton, and we couldn’t recommend him highly enough. Not at any point during the sales cycle did we feel pressured in any way. He really took the time to understand our needs and find the right type of boat for us.

Many of his questions revolved around how we intended to use our boat – for day trips or longer journeys? Did we need a cabin? How many people would we like on-board at any one time? What would our guests like to do when on the river?

James showed us around several boats with different specifications, but the Corsiva 650 stood out straight away.

What are the benefits of the Corsiva 650 Tender?

From the very beginning, we loved just how spacious the boat was especially the fact that if one person wanted to move whilst on-board, to grab a drink or go for a swim, the rest of the party could remain seated. This level of comfort was a huge advantage – it can be annoying for everybody to stand up and shuffle round each time someone wants to move around the boat.

Another key factor for us was that the Corsiva 650 has an outboard engine, but it looks like an inboard engine. The fact the engine is covered makes the whole boat look better, whilst it is also significantly quieter. You can also lift out the engine without having to take too much of the boat apart.

After much consideration, we decided the Corsiva offered the best value for money within our price range. From the order confirmation and payment, during the build itself, and through to the delivery of the boat, the Val Wyatt team was always on top of everything.

Are you still part of the Val Wyatt Marine community now?

I am indeed. We moor ‘Mrs Henderson’ at the marina. It is a very friendly and inclusive community. It is also well visited, not just by boat owners but by people who like to visit the marina and the café for a fresh coffee.

The Val Wyatt team is always on site and willing to answer questions and make you feel welcome. It is those extra little things that make it an incredibly positive customer experience.

So, you’re now preparing for your second season, what kind of maintenance does your boat require?

I must say we have looked after our Corsiva 650 very well, so hopefully there isn’t too much to do – just the standard maintenance tasks you’d expect after a single year of use. Our golden rule is to take no shortcuts when it comes to looking after the boat.

We kept the boat very clean during the first season, and since then, the Val Wyatt team lifted ‘Mrs Henderson’ out of the water and stored her inside for the winter, we just had to take home the cushions.

The team at the marina will be conducting all of the thorough checks and services before she is launched again in the spring – and we cannot wait.

One year on, what have been your top highlights of owning a boat?

As you’d expect, we absolutely adored the Henley Royal Regatta; however, my favourite highlight from last year would be taking ‘Mrs Henderson’ out on those long, warm summer evenings. We would often take our friends out with us, serve a glass or two of champagne, and listen to some soothing jazz. The river provides the perfect opportunity to relax, having a boat is a fantastic form of stress relief.

Sounds blissful. We hope your second season is as good as your first. Thank you, Ole Petter

If you’d like to know more about the Corsiva range, visit our website or you can call our team on 01189 403211.