At Val Wyatt Marine, we are incredibly proud of the community we have built across our wonderful site, which is underpinned by the number of long-standing relationships (and friendships!) we have with our customers.

Many are first-time owners whilst others are experienced boaters who have enjoyed sailing or day boating for a number of years. In fact, such is the strength of the relationships we build, we are lucky enough to have clients that have shared their entire journey with us, from newcomers to seasoned boaters – a journey that has included vessel upgrades as their needs change.

One example of this is Mark & Caroline, Val Wyatt customers since 2012, who chose to upgrade their Intercruiser 27 Cabin for the Intercruiser 29 Cabin.

Mark recently shared his experiences to date…

How long did you have your Intercruiser 27 Cabin for?

We had our Intercruiser 27 (Cloudbreak) delivered in 2012 and we had her for six years. We really enjoyed that boat and made some fantastic memories. However, in late 2017 we took the decision to upgrade to an Intercruiser 29 (Formosa).

Cloudbreak was mainly a weekend boat. It didn’t have a shower and the cabin was compact. This meant that if we ever went away somewhere for longer than a weekend, we were regularly spending nights in various marinas so we could shower.

Formosa appealed to us because of the increase in space, especially within the cabin, a shower, and the fact it has an invertor, which means I can use my coffee machine! The extra room and additional features make it far easier for us to go away for a week or two at a time.

Did you consider trying a different brand of boat altogether?

No, we didn’t. During our time on Cloudbreak, we were completely convinced by the quality of the boat and the builder. It made perfect sense to stay with Intercruiser – therefore the 29 Cabin was an obvious choice for us.

They have a long-standing partnership with Val Wyatt, and they always delivered an exceptional experience. I also believe they are the highest quality of boat at that price point. We have owned an Intercrusier for more than ten years in total and we have had no major problems – for example, there hasn’t been a single crack in the fibreglass over that period.

The only minor problem that needed addressing in the four years we have had Formosa was the rubber trim around the bathing platform shrinking. This was replaced under warranty, with minimal fuss.

How was the overall process managed?

Once we made the decision to upgrade, we approached Val Wyatt and they helped to manage the process for us. Obviously, we wanted to get a good price for Cloudbreak and therefore we decided to part-exchange when ordering Formosa. This ensured that Val Wyatt would handle the sale at the end of the 2017 season.

Formosa was built over the following winter period. We discussed various optional extras to ensure our new boat met our exact needs. Intercruiser would send regular photographs and videos to show how they were progressing with the build. Also, from a legal perspective, Val Wyatt’s expertise and experience meant it was a very safe and straightforward process, which was reassuring. The boat was delivered for the beginning of the 2018 season, and we named her after an island on the Thames at Cliveden Reach, which is one of our favourite mooring stretches on the river.

Fantastic. Is Formosa moored at Val Wyatt Marine?

Yes. We have always moored our boats at Val Wyatt. We appreciate the beautiful grounds and facilities, especially the fact the site is secure. The team are always on hand to help with any questions and to assist with your vessel, which is important for us. They also winterize and store Formosa each winter, as well as carrying out a regular maintenance programme to ensure the boat remains in peak condition.

There is a friendly community at Val Wyatt. In fact, the marina recently hosted its annual barbeque, which provided the perfect opportunity for everybody to catch up.

Now you have upgraded, where do you like to take Formosa?

Most of our boating has been weekend boating, however we have enjoyed quite a few one and two-week trips. When we do a weekend trip, we stay relatively local, for instance to Henley’s Regatta Meadow.

We have just come back from a fortnight-long trip to Lechlade, which is the furthest navigable part of the Thames. From the marina, it was 26 lock gates each way! By doing this, you get to enjoy very remote, beautiful parts of the river.

Favourite places include Pangbourne Meadows, Goring and Days Lock upstream, and Henley, Medmenham and Cookham downstream. Closer to home, we also like to moor at Wargrave Reaches. Often, it’s nice to moor in very peaceful remote spots a long way from civilisation. We do intend to get to St Katherine Docks in London at some stage.

We hope you enjoy Formosa for many more years. Thanks for your time, Mark. 

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