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Val Wyatt partners with Switch2Zero to boost sustainability credentials

At Val Wyatt, sustainability has always been deeply ingrained within our business and it continues to be a key consideration in how we operate as a company.

Throughout our recent history, we have worked hard to have a positive impact on the environment, especially within our own local surroundings. For example, we have hosted several river clean-ups over recent years – with team members and volunteers giving up their time to clean the banks and waterways. This included several brave participants jumping onto paddleboards to collect litter congregating on the water’s surface. Meanwhile, in 2022, we became the first marina in the UK to receive a special award for our commitment to removing single-use plastic from our site.

We are now excited to share our ongoing and future initiatives aimed at minimising our environmental impact in 2024 and beyond. In order to better understand and reduce our carbon footprint, we are delighted to announce we have partnered with Switch2Zero, a green-tech start-up who are committed to accelerating the transition to net zero for businesses and individuals anywhere on the planet.

Recent steps we’ve taken to enhance sustainability

We are proud of the significant strides we have made over recent months to incorporate sustainable practices into our daily operations. For example, one key initiative has been our transition to using Octopus Energy’s 100% renewable energy tariff, ensuring that all the power we consume is sourced from renewable resources. This shift underscores our commitment to reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and lowering our overall carbon emissions.

In addition to this, we have upgraded our fleet to include electric vehicles for all company cars. This move not only reduces emissions, but also sets a positive example within the marine industry. Furthermore, we are dedicated to making sustainable choices in other aspects of our business. For instance, some of our branded clothing is now made from recycled materials, and we prioritise purchasing second-hand office furniture from sustainable companies where appropriate. These efforts demonstrate our commitment to sustainability in even the smallest details of our operations.

Calculating emissions with Switch2Zero

As we move forwards, we are now continuing to work closely with Switch2Zero to gain a comprehensive understanding of our carbon emissions. We have already calculated our Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions for 2023 and offset these emissions. Through our partnership with Switch2Zero, we are supporting reforestation projects led by Eden Reforestation Projects and Trees for the Future. This organisation not only focuses on extensive reforestation efforts across Africa, Asia, and South America, but also creates thousands of jobs, thereby improving communities and sequestering CO2 in the long term. In total, we offset 10.9 tonnes of CO2e for 2023 – the equivalent of 5.84 long-haul flights.

Future plans

Looking ahead, we are committed to continuing our sustainability journey. One of our key future initiatives is to transition to using Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) instead of diesel to fuel our onsite forklifts and tractors. HVO is a renewable and sustainable fuel that significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional diesel.

While we have initiated the process of calculating our Scope 3 emissions, we recognise the significant challenges posed by the current lack of industry-wide data. As the marine industry begins to address this critical area, we are hopeful that more information will become available over time. Transparency is paramount, and we acknowledge that completing this aspect of our sustainability journey will take time.

For example, Scope 3 calculations would include a detailed assessment of emissions related to boat production, a complex but crucial aspect of our environmental impact.

Lisa Anacora, Managing Director of Val Wyatt, said: “We are wholeheartedly committed to making a positive environmental impact and leading by example in the marine industry. Our collaboration with Switch2Zero marks a significant step in this journey, enabling us to accurately measure and understand our carbon footprint. This partnership will not only help us to reduce our emissions, but also support global reforestation efforts. We recognise that sustainability is an ongoing commitment, and we are dedicated to continuously improving our practices to protect our planet for future generations.”