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If you’re looking for a well specified entry-level day boat, you should be looking at Corsiva. Your requirements for space and style can be met with boats from 4.7m to 5.7m in length – allowing up to 8 people to sit in comfort – and with a broad choice of colour and styling options including open or enclosed engine housing. Ranges include: Classic Clinker and Sports Tender. Corsiva keeps family in mind when building deep cockpits for the safety of even the youngest and most excitable boat lovers!


  • Outboard engines allowing easy maintenance
  • Sundeck options to create a spacious sunbed
  • A choice of colors allowing you create your own unique boat
  • Covered engine housing reducing noise and giving the look of an inboard engine boat
  • Seating for up to 8 people


  • Day boating
  • River and estuary exploration for Classic models
  • Inland or coastal use for Tender models
  • Trailer boat towing
  • Easy to beach if necessary
  • Ideal starter boat


Traditional clinker style with modern build techniques.

  • Classic 475

    The smallest of the Corsiva range at under 5 metres in length. This boat has a clever all round seating area making it surprisingly spacious.

  • Classic 520

    The first of the range where you are seated deeply within the boat due to her higher freeboard providing added safety and comfort.

  • Classic 570

    The 570 neatly hides away the outboard engine providing an additional sun deck area. Coupled with spacious bow seating this is both sizeable and versatile.


Sports tender style, with options for covered engine housing and transom access.

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After 20 years, and with the experience of 3,000+ boats built, the team of family, designers and builders are adept at collaborating closely to design and develop the ranges of Interboat in broadly two ranges: 1) Classic Sloepen: Classic boats traditionally styled for river and estuary use 2) Sports tenders: Intender models offering modern sports looks with powerful yet quiet engines reaching up to 30 knots for the water sports enthusiast. All Interboat are extremely well specified as standard with a wide range of extra accessories for you to choose from, along with various engine sizes and designs, to ensure that your boat is built exactly as you would desire it.


  • Classic and sport styles
  • River and coastal capabilities
  • Inboard diesel engines for quiet and economical cruising
  • Full facilities available including fridges, toilet, sink, hot water
  • Solid build and keel throughout adding stability
  • Exceptional fit and finish across the range


  • Day boating and entertaining
  • Socialising, picnicing and sun-lounging
  • Luxurious cruising
  • Tender coastal performance
  • Stress free boating


Classic Sloepen from Interboat with flat transoms and traditional looks.

  • Interboat 17

    The entry point into the Interboat range but offering a surprising amount of space for her size. Available in a Cat D or Cat C class, meaning seating is certified for up to 10 people. Also an easy trailing option if you like to move your boat about by road.

  • Interboat 19

    Following the footsteps of the Interboat 17, the 19 offers just that little bit more space. Consistently the most popular sloop for over 25 years, yet always being improved upon. The 19 is built for maximum seating capacity.

  • Interboat 22 XP

    Featuring good freeboard height, large lounging areas for up to ten people and a more powerful four cylinder engine option, this "weekender" opens up estuary cruising, as well as overnight camping facilities with toilet, sink and fridge.

  • Interboat 6.5

    The ultra modern design of it’s hull offers tender performance with traditional looks. Specified with the larger engines this boat can reach approximately 19 knots ideal for coastal and estuary cruising, and benefits from a large second sun deck area..


Sports style and capability with performance of up to 35 knots, coupled with Interboat quality and comfort.

  • Intender 650

    A 2018 redevelopment of the 640, the Intender 650 offers even wider and more comfortable seating in the stern, and an innovative walkthrough transom giving easy access to the bathing platform via a solid door hidden behind the seat. Continuous improvement in action.

  • Intender 700

    The unique and contemporary transom design not only looks stylish, but with the watertight door folded fully flat, the 700 offers a spacious sundeck giving an experience of being right next to the water - which is unique to Interboat. Perfect for lounging away on the sunny days.

  • Intender 780

    The 780 boats the same innovative transom as the 650 - and even more space and facilities. A 2.8m beam and high freeboard makes the 780 a stable and spacious family boat suitable for coastal and inland use. Optional extras include toilet, sink, fridges, luxury styling and more.

  • Intender 820

    The flagship model of the Intender range, the 820 offers the folding transom of the 700 with even more space and facilities. The unique combination of rear triple sundeck, toilet, and optional fridges, sink, and even Nespresso machine has made this the most sought after boat in the range.

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The sister range to Interboat, the Intercruisers have everything that Interboat provide in a slightly bigger, more accommodating package. Often our customers will start their boating experience with an Interboat, and grow into an Intercrusier. Available in 2 core design styles ranging from 27′ to 34′, the choice is based around the helm position, offering you: 1) Transom helm: typical of Dutch design and based on the Interboat “sloep” social style. 2) Amidships helm: a traditional English design with the helm position in the middle of the boat for optimum visibility.


  • Overnight accommodation and facilities
  • Semi displacement hulls with offshore capabilities
  • Varying balances between cockpit and cabin space
  • Larger engine options giving superb yet economical performance
  • Numerous classic and modern styling choices creating unique boats


  • All the benefits of open days boat – plus accommodation
  • Extended cruising for weekends or longer trips
  • Entertaining spaces and facilities
  • Quiet river exploration with Vetus inboard engines
  • Powerful coastal adventuring with Volvo solutions

Intercruiser Models

Typical Dutch style creating fantastic social spaces for all guests and accommodation designs depending on needs.

  • Intercruiser 27

    Delivering fantastic social seating that you’d expect in an open day boat, this model also provides facilities for sleeping and cooking on board. A clever crossover that maximises cockpit space but still provides comfort below deck.

  • Intercruiser 28 Cabrio

    This is the perfect compromise: equal cockpit space and cabin space for a cruiser that offers more comfortable living space whilst still benefitting from the rear helm position and social seating. Perfect for longer cruising.

  • Intercruiser 29

    Capable Cat B offshore craft with facilities for extended cruising. She’s also beautiful to handle at calmer speeds: the perfect entertaining boat with the vast social open-air cockpit that is cosy with covers and heating on.

  • Intercruiser 31

    Sister ship to the 29, this boat offers larger accommodation and an amidships helm with modern styling of a wraparound windscreen. Double or v-berth, separate cabin or open, this Cat B is made for your requirements.

  • Intercruiser 32

    The larger version of the award winning Intercruiser 29 with the freedom to design your own cockpit and cabin layout. The cabin provides headroom of nearly 1.9m and sleeping room for four adults comfortably.

  • Intercruiser 34

    The flagship model of the range. This new born classic features luxury throughout, from her stunning lines through to the master cabin with island double bed. A true gentleman’s cruiser capable of superb performance.

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British boat builders Haines Marine take pride in producing handmade craft to the highest standards – combining the latest manufacturing techniques with traditional craft skills. The attention to detail has driven the boats’ international reputation for quality, resulting in awards for Haines boat building and customer service. The experience of buying a Haines cruiser is a relaxed and comfortable one. Your boat is tailor made to your preferences. You can choose interior layouts, finishes and fabrics to suit your plans for enjoying cruising, and you are welcome to visit the boatyard to see the progress of your boat in build. We will help you put together precisely the motor cruiser that you want for inland waterways or offshore use.


  • Single and twin-engine packages
  • Semi displacement and planing hulls
  • Spacious modern interiors for comfortable living
  • Beautiful double island berth cabins
  • High quality fittings and components
  • British handmade build tailored to your specifications


  • Alternative to the “country cottage”
  • One-level sedan living for ease of access, or raised flybridge helming
  • Onboard living with options for guest suites
  • Relaxed inland waterway exploration
  • Safe and powerful offshore capabilities


Motor cruisers built for both inland & light estuary work.

  • Haines 26

    Offering high quality finish in a small cabin cruiser. The 26 can sleep two comfortably and four with ease. With her low air draft she can navigate waterways which bigger boats cannot discover. Haines distinctive quality in a compact package.

  • Haines 32 Sedan

    The aft deck and saloon all open to one large social area on this boat, making the Sedan feel like a much bigger cruiser. Slide & stock door system draws the outside in, and the large island bed of the forward cabin ensures luxurious accommodation.

  • Haines 320 Aft Cabin

    Re-designed in 2018, this hugely popular aft cabin cruiser offers unsurpassed accommodation for six. Two double en-suite cabins, spacious and bright saloon, and a galley for every need. This is a compelling alternative to a country cottage.

  • Haines 42 Elegance

    Large en-suite cabins and a huge open plan saloon and galley area. Vast upper deck steering position with seating provided for eight with comfort. A boat that must be seen to appreciate the true volume of the space and accommodation provided.


The offshore range gives you planing hulls with twin engine options allowing you to explore further afield.

  • Haines 32 Offshore

    Taking everything that is fantastic from the 32 Sedan the Offshore model allows for faster work. The full planing hull - designed by the renowned Andrew Wolstenholme - delivers a comfortable performance at low to intermediate speeds.

  • Haines 360 Aft Cabin

    The 360 provides a twin stateroom layout, with your guests having the same level of accommodation in the forward cabin as is enjoyed in the master aft cabin. Offered as either a river or a full coastal cruiser with great sea going abilities.

  • Haines 400 Aft Cabin

    This flagship model can offer up to 30 knots with a planning hull that glides beautifully at steady inland speeds as well packing a punch offshore. Coupled with stunning and spacious accommodations the Haines 400 Aft Cabin is a very desirable craft.

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New boats for sale

Corsiva / 595 Tender

Corsiva / 595 Tender


New in stock

  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Year: 2022
  • Length: 5.75m / 18.86ft
Haines / 36 Sedan

Haines / 36 Sedan


New to order

  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Year: 2023
  • Length: 10.97m / 35.99ft
Intercruiser / 27 Cabin

Intercruiser / 27 Cabin


New to order

  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Year: 2023
  • Length: 8.5m / 27.89ft
Interboat / 22 Xplorer

Interboat / 22 Xplorer


New to order

  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Year: 2022
  • Length: 6.8m / 22.31ft