Corsiva 500 Tender


Corsiva Yachting is a family business which produces stylish, high quality, outboard powered open day boats from 4.7m to 6.9m. Flexible and economical.

Corsiva Classic

Corsiva 475

The Classic Corsiva range offers a traditional clinker style hull constructed with modern build techniques, ideally suited for inland and estuary cruising.

The smallest in the range – at just 4.65m – with exposed outboard is a great starting place in this range for a simple little family day boat.

Moving up through the models, the 570 with covered engine offers fantastic seating and sunlounger areas.

Corsiva 475

The smallest of the Corsiva range at under 5 metres in length. This boat has a clever all round seating area making it surprisingly spacious.

Length: 4.65m  Beam: 1.93m

Draft: 0.40m Weight: 390kg

Max engine: 30hp

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Corsiva 520 black

The first of the range where you are seated deeply within the boat due to her higher freeboard providing added safety and comfort.

Length: 4.90m  Beam: 2.20m

Draft: 0.40m Weight: 450kg

Max engine: 40hp

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Corsiva 570 white black

The 570 neatly hides away the outboard engine providing an additional sun deck area coupled with bow seating.

Length: 5.60m  Beam: 2.20m

Draft: 0.40m Weight: 530kg

Max engine: 20hp

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Corsiva Tender


Sports style, modern lines and hulls capable of higher speeds, all rated for Category C for inland and coastal use.

Starting with the compact and characterful Corsiva Tender 500, the range mirrors the Classics in size, but offering more for those who want it.

Each boat is able to take a 60hp engine meaning that these boats not only look sporty, they deliver too.

Corsiva 500 Tender white sundeck

A compact boat with centre mounted helm to offer more space for entertaining.

Length: 5.00m  Beam: 2.2m

Draft: 0.40m Weight: 540kg

Max engine: 60hp

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Corsiva 565 Tender Grey Black

Excellent rounded seating area, benefitting from an exposed outboard within the bathing platform allowing the boat to beach.

Length: 5.25m  Beam: 2.2m

Draft: 0.40m Weight: 510kg

Max engine: 60hp

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Corsiva 595 grey open

With the internal seating area of the Corsiva 565, this model also offers covered outboard with integral bathing platform and steps.

Length: 5.75m  Beam: 2.20m

Draft: 0.40m Weight: 600kg

Max engine: 60hp

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Corsiva 650 Tender

New to the UK for 2021, the Corsiva 650 offers excellent all round seating, hinged lockers, and options for fridge & stereo.

Length: 6.30m  Beam: 2.45m

Draft: 0.50m Weight: 1000kg

Max engine: 90hp

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Corsiva 690 Tender

The most substantial boat in the range offering a very different experience. U-shaped spacious seating, increased stability, and an additional sundeck on the covered transom.

Length: 6.75m  Beam: 2.65m

Draft: 0.60m Weight: 950kg

Max engine: 115hp

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Corsiva Coaster

Corsiva Coaster 640

Corsiva’s Coaster sports range provides a compelling alternative to the standard market offerings for its type.

Sports style with the bowrider versions, or models with cuddy cabins, these boats are created with boating fun in mind.

Options include fridges, stereos, tables and an array of canopies – with comfy premium cushions & sundecks as standard.

Coaster 600 DC

Offering superb value for money, this boat provides spacious cockpit and cabin with options for sundeck, fridge, BBQ, full canopies, and many styling options.

Length: 5.6m  Beam: 2.5m

Draft: 0.40m Weight: 1150kg

Max engine: 175hp

Coaster 600 BR Bowrider

Both the deep sided cockpit and bow of this boat are flexibly transformed into picnic areas or sunloungers.

Length: 5.6m  Beam: 2.5m

Draft: 0.40m Weight: 1100kg

Max engine: 175hp

Corsiva Coaster 640

New to the UK market the striking Coaster 640SC offers a planing hull and a flexible, stylish, and practical layout suited to Estuary and Inland cruising as well as watersports.

Length: 6.2m  Beam: 2.45m

Draft: 0.40m Weight: 1200kg

Max engine: 175hp

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New Corsiva boats for sale

Corsiva / 505

Corsiva / 505

New to order

  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Year: 2021
  • Length: 4.95m / 16.24ft
Corsiva / 475

Corsiva / 475

New to order

  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Year: 2021
  • Length: 4.65m / 15.26ft
Corsiva / 650 Tender

Corsiva / 650 Tender


New in stock

  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Year: 2022
  • Length: 6.3m / 20.67ft
Corsiva / 565 Tender

Corsiva / 565 Tender

New to order

  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Year: 2021
  • Length: 5.25m / 17.22ft