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Interboat 22 Xplorer case study: The perfect day boat for enjoying the Thames

Graham and Jan Adam onboard their Interboat 22 Xplorer

After spending decades sailing across Europe and further afield, Graham and Jan Adam were in search of the perfect day boat to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the Thames. In 2020, the couple purchased an Interboat 22 Xplorer from us. We caught up with Graham to learn more about his boating journey.

Hi Graham. Thanks for chatting with us. When did your fascination with boats begin?

I was ten years old when my father announced that we were moving from Northamptonshire to Devon. At first, I thought it was a pretty dreadful idea, until my father said we’d be able to get a boat, so I soon forgave him. I quickly fell in love with Devon, so much so, I lived there until 2010. There’s something quite special about living near the sea.

I first started sailing wooden sailing dinghies as a child, graduating up to racing boats. As I grew older I began crewing on other people’s larger keel boats. At the age of 21, I crewed on the Royal Yacht Bloodhound in Cowes Week, which was a memorable experience. I really enjoyed crewing on other people’s larger boats, going further and further afield, including cross-channel races and the Fastnet Race.

Boats have always played such an important role in my life. Although I first met my wife on a ski trip, we actually had our first date in a racing dinghy. Some might say it’s not the best experience for a first date, but we’ve now been married for 55 years, so it must have worked.

It sounds like it did. Have you sailed together much over the years?

Absolutely. We have always owned a boat of some sort; windsurfers, dinghies, catamarans and racing keel boats but, in 1990, we purchased our first long distance cruising yacht, which we sailed around the UK and Europe. By the time our children grew up and left home, we were able to cruise further afield to Holland, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece and Croatia. I once estimated that we had sailed well over 30,000 miles together.

I have also sailed across the Atlantic and around the Caribbean several times.

How has your boating journey evolved over the last few years?

Once I sold the last of our larger boats, and to avoid being completely miserable, I did have a beautiful 14-foot wooden sailing dinghy made for me. However, it wasn’t very practical on the river. At that stage, my daughter said to me, “Come on dad, you’ve had a boat all of your life, get yourself a sensible boat you can enjoy on the river”. I agreed, and that’s what led to me visit Val Wyatt.

Did you know what boat you had in mind before visiting?

I have always admired the Interboats and the Val Wyatt team were incredibly helpful in my search. We were originally looking at a new Interboat 19, however, we were then recommended to take a look at a seven year-old Interboat 22 Xplorer. It only had one previous owner and it was in fantastic condition. The sales team were not pushy in the slightest and they asked the right type of questions in order to understand our exact requirements. It was a pretty seamless process and we definitely made the right decision to go with the Interboat 22 Xplorer.

It is spacious and comfortable enough for friends or family to join us onboard, it has a bimini to keep the sun off you during those hotter days, and it comes equipped with a fridge and a toilet, which is perfect for day trips. We specifically didn’t want a cabin cruiser, as we have already spent enough time sleeping on boats over the years. A high quality day boat, such as the Interboat 22 Xplorer, ticked all of our boxes.

Where do you moor your vessel?

The original plan was to move the boat slightly closer to home, but such was the positive experience at Val Wyatt that we decided to moor the boat in the on-site marina. Firstly, the facilities are fantastic and it’s a very friendly atmosphere. It is very clear to me there’s a lot of pride in how different members of the team go about their jobs. Secondly, the marina is in a good strategic location, so you can head out onto the river without having to deal immediately with locks. Finally, at the end of the season, Val Wyatt also lifts our boat out of the water and stores it ashore for the winter, which is reassuring.

How will you be using your boat this summer?

Despite it being a far cry from our previous adventures, we now take enormous joy from gently exploring the local waterways and taking in the beautiful wildlife. The marina is the perfect starting point as there’s a wonderful three-mile stretch of the river between Shiplake lock and Marsh lock at Henley. We also enjoying putting down our anchor, so we can truly relax in the sun with a glass of rosé wine, the Sunday papers and some smoked salmon.

That sounds idyllic. Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences, Graham.  

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