Over the last few years, the Interboat Intender 820 has dominated the open day boat market. And not just for its beautiful design and high quality. The combination of vast amounts of social seating, an open transom with triple sundeck, and a stealthy toilet room – coupled with other day boat luxuries of a wine/beer fridge and a sink – have meant that it’s been the most popular new boat in recent decades.

The new Intender 950 is the next generation: taking all that is great about the Intender 820, and expanding on it.

We have loved the Intender 820 from the first boat designed and know that it will continue to be a hugely successful model.

The Intender 950 offers more than an open day boat though, with facilities that are similar to that of a weekend cruiser. Forward there is a cabin with excellent headroom that allows a comfortable double berth to take up the space, along with a heads compartment that is far in advance of what is found on the 820.

The Intender 950 boasts an even larger rear sundeck; the seating is deceptively social from the rear or midships helm (yes, there’s a choice of where you would like to helm the boat from); and then there is the rest of the boat.

Up on deck you’ll find outdoor cooking and bar facilities, a luxurious sofa/sundeck, and a layout that needs to be felt in the flesh to be truly appreciated.

The Intender 950 offers four engine options, with approximate top speeds of:

  • Vetus 65hp 4cyl diesel – 8 knots
  • Volvo 110hp 5cyl diesel – 10 knots
  • Volvo 220hp 5cyl diesel – 19 knots
  • Volvo 320hp 4cyl diesel – 26 knots

If you’re looking for something that gives you more: be that head space or a bed for the night after the party in the day – the Intender 950 is the boat for you.

Where you can see the Intender 950?

Dusseldorf Boat Show 2020

18th – 26th January 2020 Boat #1 of the range is going on tour. From this weekend the first Intender 950 will be on show at Dusseldorf – Europe’s largest Boat Show – along with the Intender 820 and an Intender 650.

HISWA, RAI Amsterdam

11th – 15th March 2020 This will be the 65th HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show. An indoor show with 250 exhibitors, it offers a chance to see the best in Dutch boat building. Which, of course, Interboat will be at the heart of. For many years Interboat have held one of the most impressive stands at this show, and 2020 is unlikely to be any different.

Interboat Showroom, Loosdrecht, Holland

In between boat shows and trial runs, Interboat’s impressive showroom in Loosdrecht – just half an hour from Schiphol airport – offers guests the possibility of viewing and trialing the Intender 950 in the beautiful lake on which they sit.

We can arrange for a representative of Interboat to collect you from the airport and take you straight to the showroom, as well as arrange your accommodation locally.

If you’d like to extend your visit and travel further north, it may also be possible to take a factory tour during the week at their impressive facility in Zwartsluis.

Contact us for more information or to book your trip.