The Henley Music Festival is one of our favourite times of year. Whether on land or on the water, nothing can keep us from the phenomenal atmosphere that is created by fantastic performers and a community in good cheer.

We’re looking forward to another wonderful year of enjoyment of boating with music from the likes of Elton John, Shirley Bassey and Elvis Costello (full lineup here), although we do have some need to know information for anyone attending by boat:


Sea of boats in the Festival enclosure in 2015

Sea of boats in the Festival enclosure in 2015

For years many of us have enjoyed mooring our boats in between the bank and the booms creating a sea of open boats. This is being prevented this year with access to the area for paid mooring holders only. The area will also be shut off after 8pm preventing access. This does inevitably mean that the traffic on the river channel is likely to be more intense so please do stay vigilant. More information on the rules on alongside moorings and the enclosed area can be found on the Henley Festival site.


Boats may still moor on the main booms on the Buckinghamshire side of the river, however they will be limited to two abreast and at no point may they be left unattended. For more information see the Harbourmaster notice from the Environment Agency here.

Whether you’re attending Festival for the first time, or a seasoned regular like us, we look forward to seeing you there (even if we can’t moor against you!)

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