We haven’t been posting for a while as it has been a very, very busy 6 months of developments down at the marina. No idea what we’re talking about? Then read on…

The Spring period saw works complete on two big projects in the marina: creating 16 new moorings and rebuilding a river bank that had been damaged over the years by floods. But that wasn’t enough for us.

All aboard “The Ark”

Sales office

Last year we realised we wanted our offices to better reflect us and how we work. We also realised that, unfortunately, our old wooden boathouse was in a very dilapidated state. Action was needed, and so after much consideration of the options we decided to engage an English family business to create our sustainably built houseboat to be our new home, to reside in the dock below the old boathouse.

Ark design sketch

It’s been built using modern environmentally friendly techniques, incorporating reclaimed materials wherever possible (for example, some of our furniture has been made with 300 year old oak beams from a barn in Somerset).

We wanted it to be in keeping with our surroundings, allowing a mix of heritage meeting modern practice – just like us!

We’re ecstatic to be in, and love that we’re now truly embracing life on the river.

Enjoying delicious local produce on the riverside

Our onshore marina offices have also been transformed by our onsite deli and café, The Cwtch, which is now open Wednesdays to Sundays, 10am to 4pm. This expansion means the café is now offering a far larger seating area as well as a bigger shop and wider selection of local produce. It’s happily fuelling our team morning, noon and night!

Willow Marina front June

Summer is in full swing and our revamped marina is looking great – we hope to see you here soon.